Find purpose & learn skills to change the world

Every change in the world starts with one person. Learn to question everything in life, discover practical philosophies, and challenge your thinking so that change can start with you.

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Metaverse vs Reality

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Educator | Designer | Podcaster | Philosopher | Founder @ Plato University

On Life Podcast

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Join Brandon Stover, founder of Plato University, as he questions everything in life to challenge the way you think. Every change in the world starts with one person. Through narrated essays and intellectual interviews, this podcast will equip you with practical philosophies, new perspectives, and modern understandings of global issues so that change can start with you. It will help you to become a more critical thinker, find purpose in your life, and discover why you would want to take action in changing the world.


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Evolve Podcast

Episodes 1-79 were previously recorded as the Evolve Podcast, which can be found here.