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Hello. I'm Brandon Stover.

This is where I tell how great I am, right?

Well I'd rather let the work speak for itself. Scroll below and make the judgment for yourself.

Instead I'd rather tell you why I do this work.

I want to make the world a better place than when I came into it.

As such, I have 2 goals in life: 1) help others cultivate meaning and purpose. 2) help push human progress forward by solving global issues.

Who am I?

How does one describe one’s Self?

The Self is more than merely labels. That is only one portion.

  • Self-esteem = value of being
  • Self-image = value of identity
  • Self-efficacy = value of doing

First and foremost, I’m a human being.

I have needs, desires, fears, emotions, and a body that can experience suffering. Just like you.

We may not agree on how we identify in values (self-image) or the actions we take (self-efficacy); however, we all share the same being. As such, we can see our being in each other and agree that we both want to minimize suffering and experience more human flourishing.

As you continue reading, you may be challenged in your thinking. You may not agree. Just remember our north star: making the world better than when we came into it.

How? Excellent question.

Changing the world starts with the individual. To understand what I do, it would be beneficial to understand how I show up in the world as an individual. My self-image.


Our actions are downstream from our values. They help us to decide what is most important. One value takes priority while the rest are slaves to that first value.

  • Purpose: action that is meaningful to the self + consequential to the world
  • Honesty & Integrity: speaking truth and taking actions authentic to myself
  • Health: caring for the physical vessel of my purpose
  • Leadership: taking responsibility for self + others, setting vision, coordinating action
  • Mastery: learning all and any skills necessary to fulfill my purpose
  • Autonomy: freedom to pursue my purpose in what I believe is the best way
  • Balance: respect for the duality of nature, that what I see as right may one day be wrong
  • Love & Relationships: appreciation and remembrance of what I’m fighting for
  • Spirituality: believing that all beings are connected and our life is for something greater
  • Security: knowing I can handle whatever life throws at me in pursuit of purpose


Personalities are nature's way of randomizing and creating solutions to the current state of the world. Given a context, each combination of personality traits may work better than others. Understanding one's personality better frames the actions one takes.

Openness: Moderately High

  • Strength: open to new perspectives, ideas, and ways of doing things leading to creative solutions
  • Weakness: hard to stick with one idea and pursue with full volition

Conscientiousness: High

  • Strength: drives my sense of purpose and responsibility to help others. I live very intentionally, strategize for the long term, and try to predict the consequences of actions.
  • Weakness: taking on too much responsibility; over exerting myself

Extraversion: Moderately Low

  • Strength: long periods alone and thinking allow me to flesh out ideas.
  • Weakness: work better alone, even in relationships. However I can’t do everything by myself.

Agreeableness: Moderately Low

  • Strength: means I ask why a lot, aim to critically think for myself, and often want to revolutionize the way things are done
  • Weakness: don’t follow orders or existing traditions well without knowing the intention behind them

Neuroticism: Moderately Low

  • Strength: calm, low anxiety, level-headed, even in stressful situations
  • Weakness: empathizing with others who are highly anxious


Although it can be dangerous to identify with your insecurities, it can be equally dangerous to hide them in your shadow unaddressed. They influence your actions just as much as values and personality traits.

  • Not feeling like I’m enough: Ambition can be a double edged sword. It will lead you to do many great things, but can make you forget you have value for just being. I’m aware I over-index on pursuing large accomplishments.
  • Not feeling like I mean anything: The size of the void you feel in your meaning to others will be proportional to the size of your endeavors. I’m no fool that “changing the world” is a large endeavor.


Ah, yes. This is what you came for. The labels I use to describe my actions. Without them you are unsure how to relate your self-image to mine.

Educator: Pursuing wisdom

I believe that education underlies all other complex problems in our society. If we solve the problems in the education system, we can prepare students with the skills they need to solve all other global problems. Then, by combining what they care about with acts that are consequential to society, they can find purpose.

I’m obsessed with learning as much as possible and transferring that knowledge to others so it may be applied for bettering people’s lives.

Creative: Pursuing beauty

For years I’ve tried being an entrepreneur. I’ve led and managed teams. But where I most thrive is being an artist. Even if I’m not being paid for it, I still want to create. I want to bring order to chaos in the most beautiful way possible, showing others what we are all striving for. The medium may change from architecture, to design, to photography, to writing, and so on, but the desire to take ideas and turn them into reality still remains.

Social technologist: Pursuing truth

Social technology is a tool that directs people to knowingly or unknowingly take certain actions, and in so doing it has the ability to shape an extremely broad range of human action.

You can not change the world without knowing how the world truly works. Not what we wish to believe. Truth is, everything in society was intentionally designed. If negative consequences are occurring in our complex systems, then it is time for redesigning. I try to design interventions, through education, philosophy, or challenging social norms, that may positively shape our society going forward. I’ve never been driven much by money, but rather the size of the impact I can make.

What do I do?

So what are the concrete actions I take? What am I doing? What is my self-efficacy?

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Founder of Plato University

I’m the Founder of Plato University, which provides free online courses to help students find purpose and learn skills to solve global challenges. Try one of course below.

Free Courses

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Learning Design Consultant

I also help mission driven people create mastery, skill based online courses and remote active learning programs so their knowledge can help impact thousands of people. I share how to turn your wisdom into actionable education on the Theory into Action podcast.

Recent Theory into Action Podcast Episode

Photographer of Beauty

I capture beautiful people and beautiful places through boudoir and lifestyle photography. I don't photograph for money and instead collaborate with others who wish to make art.

Philosopher On Life

I write essays on life,to equip you with practical philosophies, new perspectives, and modern understandings of global issues so that change can start with you. It will help you to become a more critical thinker, find purpose in your life, and discover why you would want to take action in changing the world.

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Web Design Consultant

I design websites and branding for startups, entrepreneurs, and content creators who want to market and sell their big ideas for more impact.  I have expertise in web design, marketing, and content management systems. My strengths include human centered design thinking, marketing optimized sales funnels, and storytelling through branding and design. Work with someone ambitious as you are.


My hope is that in the process of learning about me, you learned something about your-Self. If you made it this far, either my being, my identity, or my work has brought value to you. Consider showing gratitude by being a patron of my work.

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