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Hello! I'm Brandon Stover.

6 years of professional experience in learning experience design, project management, business development, and design.


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Plato University |  September 2021 - Present

Plato University provides a path for aspiring, young professionals seeking meaningful careers. Our programs combine a student’s passions with skill building to solve the world's greatest challenges.

Learning Experience Design

I designed a new model for higher education that matches learners passions to global challenges. Then I developed and facilitated courses and learning experiences that help learners gain the skills to solve those challenges.


  • Designed & developed 4 courses with 143 lessons and guided projects, resulting in 125,000+ downloads
  • Gathered, analyzed, and curated learning resources to develop frameworks, lesson plans, and activities
  • Facilitated live learning experiences utilizing active learning techniques and fostering critical thinking
  • Supported learners with 1-on-1 check ins to make progress on projects and reach desired outcomes
UX Design

I Designed & developed the user experience, information architecture, navigational structure, user interface, visual design, graphics, and learning management system for hundreds of students using Webflow.


  • Developed scalable CMS structure for 4 course with 143 lessons
  • Integrated with with Webflow’s Membership Beta
Podcast Production

All courses at Plato University are developed as audio courses and distributed as podcasts. I handled all production from scripting to publishing of each podcast.


  • Drafting, scripting, recording, editing, and producing of 4 educational podcasts with 143 episodes, resulting in 125,000+ downloads
  • Recording & editing with Audition & Descript
  • Designed and produced the “How to Start a Podcast” audio course
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Podcast Network Manager
The Democracy Group  |  January 2021 - Present

The Democracy Group is a network of 19 podcasts about democracy, civic engagement, and civil discourse. During my time here I filled roles in project management, program management, learning design, podcast production, design, marketing, business development, and partnerships.

Project Management

I designed and managed internal collaboration systems, external strategic partnerships, and promotional initiatives to expand their brand and position them as a leader in civic media that features diverse educational perspectives.


  • Identified over 200 relevant partners and developed relationships in 50 collaborative partnerships
  • Managed communication and collaboration between 19 podcast teams in network
  • Contributed to strategy and ideation of 2 new podcasts, marketing and branding, virtual events, a podcast fellowship, and listener community
  • Planned, led, and managed multiple projects including brand redesign, podcast launches, and events
  • Hired, trained, managed, and guided 3 new team members to hold them accountable for project outcomes
UX Design

I conducted user surveys and interviews to uncover what they desired from the podcast network and used those insights to redesign their brand, website, and marketing materials.


  • Executed redesign of Webflow website with CMS from concept to development using brand requirements
  • Updated and optimized web designs to improve user experience based on user surveys and interviews
  • Designed multiple graphics for newsletters, media kits, presentations, events, social media, and marketing
Learning Experience Design

I designed, created, and facilitated a remote program, leveraging expertise from The Democracy Group (TDG) network and partners, for Generation Z leaders to start podcasts and build an audience strengthening democracy by engaging diverse viewpoints and bridging political divides.


  • Designed and facilitated live and asynchronous learning experience for Podcast Fellowship of 10 students
  • Designed curriculum, live workshops with activities, and lessons working with podcast experts
On Life Podcast Cover
Podcast Host & Producer
On Life (Formerly Evolve) |  June 2019 - Present

Join me as I question everything in life to challenge the way you think. Every change in the world starts with one person. Through narrated essays and intellectual interviews, this podcast will equip you with practical philosophies, new perspectives, and modern understandings of global issues so that change can start with you. It will help you to become a more critical thinker, find purpose in your life, and discover why you would want to take action in changing the world.

Production of On Life

Podcaster with 3 years of experience in fully remote media startups. My strengths include producing and hosting new shows, managing and coordinating multiple podcasts, and researching, planning, and interviewing guests.


  • Scripting of philosophical essays in written and audio format
  • Handle entire production process including recording, editing, mixing, and publishing
  • Designed CMS-driven website to support podcast promotion
Production of Evolve

I developed and produced interviews  with social innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers about the global problems we face and the solutions they have created to solve them so others learn skills for social impact, contributing to these solutions or creating new ones.


  • Researched, booked, interviewed & produced interviews of 75+ social entrepreneurs and experts discussing solutions to global issues from climate change to education
  • Supported marketing activities with analytics, visual assets, and materials for promoting
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Web Designer & Developer
Freelance |  September 2016 - Present

I help founders, entrepreneurs, and content creators design websites to market and sell their big ideas for more impact. I’m an Austin-based designer with 5+ years experience in startups. I'm also the Founder of Plato University and an avid podcaster, which means I understand your needs as a young startup or content creator. I have expertise in web design, marketing, and content management systems. My strengths include human centered design thinking, marketing optimized sales funnels, and storytelling through branding and design. Let's design something great together.

Design & Project Management

I have worked with clients like startups, entrepreneurs, and content creators to translate their needs into everything from simple landing pages to complex CMS-driven websites


  • Designed a webinar funnel that generated $167,947 in 11 days for a brand new product
  • Creative direction and design for online women's empowerment clothing brand which was showcased in Amber Rose's monthly subscription box and 19 Million+ Followers.
  • Designed assets for up and coming music artist with a social following of over 20k+ listeners. Assets to launch his debut EP including a website, CD packaging, marketing photographs, & press kit.
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Design Project Manager
FitAccel |  December 2019 - December 2020

FitAccel is a marketing agency helping gyms, fitness studios, and martial arts schools increase sales and member counts. During my time there I filled roles in design, project management, & marketing.

UX Design

I developed the branding, website, and UI dashboard for FitAccel’s SAAS products. I also designed dozens of graphics, videos, and marketing assets.


  • Built websites and landing pages using Webflow, Go High Level, and Clickfunnels.
Project Management

Led and managed multiple design and marketing projects with clients, team members, and stakeholders.


  • Designed website and graphics for fitness studio supporting a 400% increase in lead acquisition
  • Created training materials and standard operating procedures for future team members.
  • Developed support and help documentation
Website designs
Architectural Associate
MMEC |  January 2018 - April 2019

MMEC Architecture & Interiors is a team of architects, interior designers, and construction managers offering unique solutions to diverse design challenges.  During my time there I filled roles in design, project management, & marketing.


Worked with the design team, clients, and contractors to create architectural designs for multi-million dollar projects including Kennewick High School & Spokane City Credit Union.


  • Created polished, cohesive, & high quality architectural drawings, graphics, and marketing assets
  • Utilizing brand guidelines, updated 1970's exterior with modern design for Spokane Credit Union and it's 5,000 plus credit union members & stakeholders.
  • Designed gallery graphics for firm's showcase in the 2019 Spokane Design Awards.
Spokane City Credit Union Design
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Architectural Associate
Russell Page Architects |  June 2017 - January 2018

Russell Page Architects is a professional services firm offering complete architectural services to a diverse range of clientele.  During my time there I filled roles in design.


Worked with the a design team, clients, and contractors to create architectural designs for multi-million dollar projects including Starbucks, Noodle Express, & La Quinta Inn.


  • Created polished, cohesive, & high quality architectural drawings, graphics, and marketing assets
  • Utilized brand guidelines to design physical spaces and user experiences.
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Project Management
Business Development
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