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September 29, 2022

Using the Body to Access the Mind

If you want access to the mind, go through the body. 

If you want to observe your decisions and actions creating change, start with exercising and giving nutrition to the body. 

If you want to build grit and resilience to pain or suffering, put the body under stress and heavy loads. 

If you want to build willpower and increase levels of dopamine, the neurochemical responsible for the pursuit of goals, put the body through ice cold water. 

If you want stillness, peace, and serenity, focus on the breath of the body. 

If you want to express individuality, decorate the body. 

If you want energy and motivation, rest and repair the body with sleep. 

If you want to stop intrusive, obsessive thoughts, focus on the present and incoming senses of the body. 

If you want to feel love, hold another body close to yours. 

If you want to experience life, bring two bodies together in union. 

Any emotion you wish to feel can be accomplished by pulling the right combination of levers in the body. The body is the only connection the mind has with reality, with the outside world, otherwise it's just trapped in a box. Trapped in a reality of its own making.

Some may have you believe that the body is just a meat sack of flesh and bone, to be decomposed and eaten by bugs one day. That is true. But I also believe the body is a vessel for your will, your action, for physically bringing to reality what you dream in your mind. The body should be treated with respect, in the same way you treat your home. For the body is a home to the mind and soul.

Just as you are responsible for your own home, you are responsible for your body. Learn the ins and outs of your body, how it works, how to repair it, and how to keep it in optimal conditions.  Each body has a unique fingerprint and needs different things for its maintenance. Learn what's best for your body. Don’t just listen to what others, doctors, nutritionists, gurus, or charlatans tell you is right for your body. Only you know your body best. Your body is not community property. If you don't take responsibility for it, someone else will, and they will become your landlord.

As long as we do not harm another, are we not allowed to do with our body as we please? If our actions potentially harm another person’s body, then that person must give us informed consent to do so, with understanding of the consequences. No one has control of your body besides you. Nor should they tell you what to do with your body, forcing you to adhere. They should advise, truthfully, outlining the consequences of actions taken towards your body. However, the decision of what to do with your body is still yours. In the event someone else controls your body, don’t confuse the body for the mind. A tyrant can imprison your body, shackled to remain under their control, for your fear of harm to the body keeps you there. However the tyrant can not imprison the mind. Only you have the power to do that. So be wise in the thoughts you let enter your home.

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